IRS Executives Discuss the Service’s Current Initiatives: Focus on Employment Tax Compliance and Digital Communications

IRS Rep ConferenceSpeaking on a panel this morning at the New England IRS Representation Conference, several Washington IRS executives discussed the Service’s current initiatives. We heard from Mary Beth Murphy, Deputy Commissioner, Small Business/Self-Employed Division; Rajive Mathur, Director of Online Services; Carole Madison, Acting Director of Examination, North Atlantic Region; and Darren Guillot, IRS Director of Field Collections. Below are some of the highlights from their discussion.

Employment Tax Compliance
As we have discussed before, one of the IRS’s stated enforcement priorities is employment tax compliance. According to Mr. Guillot, employer withholding of income and payroll taxes accounts for approximately 70 percent of the nation’s tax revenue.… Read More

Panels on Forensic Accountants and BSA Exams at the 2015 New England IRS Representation Conference

IRS Rep ConferenceWe are looking forward to attending the New England IRS Representation Conference this Friday, November 20, 2015, at the Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut. It is hosted by Eric Green and his colleagues at Green & Sklarz LLC; the conference, which has really grown over the years, will address many topics, including current IRS and DOJ initiatives, payroll tax issues, and ethical issues presented by appearing before the IRS.  I will have the pleasure of speaking on a panel regarding the use of forensic accountants during criminal tax investigations, with co-panelists Larry Campagna and Noelle Geiger, and on a panel regarding Bank Secrecy Act exams by the IRS, with co-panelists Michael Villa, IRS CI Special Agent Maria Papageorgiou, and Larry Campagna.  … Read More